deleting old character sets


i installed mac os x onto a drive that had lots of files on it. and then i decided that i would reformat a different drive that i had and install osx onto a clean drive. I did that and i wanted to get rid of the original version. what i did was i took the files, and put them in the trash and waited for them to delete...problem was that some files were causing trouble and when i was emptying the trash, (this is by the way in os 8.6) it calculated the number of the files, counted down to zero, but then continued into negative numbers. I figured out which three files were causing this trouble and this is all i have left of my old osx. i cannot delete these files, i cannot move them, etc. they say that they dont exist in 8.6 and in the new osx i dont have privilages. they are kind of annoying to have lying around, and id rather have them gone, without reformating. is this possible?