deleting OS 9 applications?


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I have a new iBook, and I am (nearly 100%) utilizing OS X. As I browse through the "Applications (Mac OS 9)" folder, there are a number of applications that I will never use, and some that are duplicates of the OS X applications I do use. Is it safe to delete some/all of these, such as:

- iMovie
- Internet Explorer
- iTunes
- Apple Extras


The reason I'm asking is to know whether (for some reason) the OS X version of these applications (shown in the Applications folder for OS X) are in any way "linked" back to the OS 9 application, or using stuff from the OS 9 applications that would suddenly break them (like iMovie, etc.)

NOTE: It is evident to me that AppleWorks (while upgraded to 6.2 so runnable under OS X) DOES actually reside in the OS 9 applications folder. Is it okay to move this to the OS X application folder?


There aren't any special properties attributed to eith of the "applications" folders, you're free to put whatever you want in them.

There have been a lot of errors in deleting files created by OS 9, try logging in as "root"

you can do this by going into "netinfo" in your utilities folder, which is inside your applications folder.

in one of the menus, i forget which one, there is an option called "authenticate"

proceed to log in as root by typing the password that you typed in when you first installed OSX

you might be able to delete these files after logging in as root.

remeber to log back out of root at the same pplace when you are finished.

if this doesnt work, you can always go back to OS 9 and delete them.

Good Luck