"Delicious library" application is awesome but is there anything better?



guys i have been using ("testing") this great application called delicious library but i wonder if there is another similar http://www.delicious-monster.com/ any ideas? i m using to keep record of the files of the movies, CDs, books, that i download. : ) ... i love it because i can have the IMDB information of the movie, a short review, the picture (poster) of the movie file n at the same think a direct link to watch it! ; )


just a short question, how can i do that for instance if i write "/Users/Chris/Movies/Wedding Crashers/wedcrasher.avi" on a note on powerpoint, word, textnote, etc; i can click on it and it will open the .avi file directly? like when i type macosx.com on a Word document it will create a direct link to to go Safari and then the website macosx.com, can i do the same with my files?

so how the he...aven something like this (/Users/Chris/Movies/Wedding Crashers/wedcrasher.cd1.avi) becomes a "link" to open this movie, lets say on the default quicktime when i am working on a file on word, powerpoint, etc?

i guess this is very easy to do, but i just cant do it!! help!!!


well nobody answered my question on this forum but someone did it on another, nonetheless because i think this feature is very cool i post here the information on how to do it...

Here's a hidden feature that you can use to link to files on your
computer from your Library:

Delicious Library lets you assign a URL to an item in the "My Info"
section of an item's details. To assign a URL to an item, switch to
the "My Info" section tab and turn on editing by pressing the Edit
Item (pencil) button. Now you can assign a value to the "URL" field.

In addition to URLs on the Internet, this field also supports URLs
that point to files or folders on your hard drive. To make this
process easier, you can turn on a special feature of Delicious
Library that includes a "Choose File" menu option for the URL field.

To enable this feature, you must use the Terminal application found
in /Applications/Utilities/. In the Terminal, type:

defaults write com.delicious-monster.library LIEnableChooseFile YES

Now when you re-launch Delicious Library, the URL field will contain
a "Choose File" menu option that allows you to select a file or
folder to open.


it works great, now i choose a movie n i just click on the URL to watch it! this is cool! i hope it helps u too.