Delievery time?


Hi everyone.

I have a question.

I sent my check with coupon for X update CD on Step. 26, 2001.

However, I called apple customer service today and they don't have any idea.

They can't even find my order number.

Does anybody have same problem? Did I lose my $20?

Do I have to buy full version again?

I have already paid $120 for X 10.0.

Is there anyway I can download from somewhere? :confused:

Thanx in advance.
Since I ordered 10.0 from the Apple Store, I was able to call them up, and get my Up-To-Date CD's via the Store without a Coupon. (there is an article on about this).

I did that on September 26, and it shipped tonight (Via FedEx).
You can obtain the 10.1 Cd free at any store, even COMPUSA has it.
I got mine thru a friend who lives in Plano, TX I mailed him my coupons, he didnt need them..they just hand it to whom ever ask for the update.
So get your 20 dollars back from apple and get it else where.
Good luck:)
Thanx for replay

Unfortunately, I went to compuUSA and I couldn't get a copy of CD.

They don't have any idea if they will get CDs from apple.

I just don't understand why apple made a terrible distribute plan for very important update version.

I just don't understand. :mad:

I wish I can download it through software update.

Did I lose $ 20? Maybe ... :confused: