Delta Audio Card Problems


I've got a Delta 1010lt card I've had for awhile and the box had the osx logo on it when I bought it. This card has always worked fine in OS9.
I just recently installed Panther 10.3.3 from a fully licensed OEM disk set. I updated to 10.3.9. I downloaded the last two delta family drivers and installed them. When the machine restarts I get a kernel warning screen that says, "you must restart your computer" in four lanuages.
I tried disk repair from the boot disc and it didn't find anything.

I installed the OS on another partition in case the problem is hard disk specific. For this partition, I didn't do any apple updates. Before I installed the driver, I checked the applications folder of the os that won't boot and clicked on the new M-audio icon. It said there was no compatable PCI card found. I went on to install the m-audio drivers to 10.3.3 and it didn't work either. Same thing, now I have two partitions that won't boot OSX.

I'm getting tired of reinstalling the OS just to get stopped by the same kernel warning screen everytime I try something else with this card.

I need help. have these cards changed since I bought mine?