Deminiaturization ?????


cocoa love
Okay, hi its your old buddy whitesaint again. I have a problem and i just can't figure it out. I have a window. I minimize it. Then when i am ready to deminiaturize it, there are certain things i want the window to do when it deminiaturizes. It doesn't do them though!:mad: Isn't deminiaturize when you click the window in the dock and it comes back up? The only thing i can think of is that "deminiaturize" isn't the method for when the window is coming up from the dock.

I already made a button and set it's actions to "deminiaturize", when i click the button, everything works fine. When i "deminiaturize" the window from the dock, nothing happens. Here is the code i have:

- (void)deminiaturize:(id)sender
[reciever methodname:arguement]; //I'd rather not say what im doin...

That's it. Can anyone help?