Demonstrations, played or programed?


Just a curious question, when you watch a demonstration of a game, did someone actually play and record it or was it programed?

I watched the Demonstration of Heretic 11 (2) yesterday and it looked like a skill that I play at, (not very good LOL)
In shooters, like Quake 3 Arena, I think they really are played most of the time. There are real freaks out there that play like that (when it really looks like a skillful action. Believe me, I met em ;))

Even when I see myself playing Halo now on "Legendary" like it was normal skill level, yes, they are played.
They are played, and recorded. Every move the player, monsters, environment makes is recorded and then re-enacted (for lack of a better word) when you run the demo. This is why demos are used to benchmark video cards and are usually a poor CPU benchmark :).