Deploying Java servlets under X


I've programmed Java for a while and want to start making servlets under Mac OS X. I've downloaded the classfiles and my servlet compiles but what's next?

I would like the servletpool to be run under JavaVM together with Apache, but I haven't found a servletpool written in Java. I've only found something called "Tomcat Jakarta" at and no java programs or BSD binaries.

Have anyone got this to work or know where to find server software for running servlets under Mac OS X?

In order to run jsp or servlets on OS X, you need a servlet engine.The servlet engine normally acts as a module for Apache. Any requests for jps/servlets to Apache get passed to the servlet engine for processing.

Tomcat is the reference implementation from the Jakarta project, and works very well. Tomcat is an open-source project. Many books on servlets and java server pages use Tomcat in the examples.

For a small license fee, Resin from Caucho is great. ( Resin can work as a stand-alone server, or as an Apache module.

The best place to start looking for jsp/servlets on the mac is

Hope this helps
If you are developing servlets and/or jsp you can use an easy web server such as orion. This server is able to run jsp and servlets. You can download from orion web page here
It is quite easy tu run it, it will create a folder called orion and you can run it with : java -jar orion.jar (remember tu copy tools.jar from jdk1.3/bin/lib )
If you have any question please pm or email me.
You can download orion server from HERE