Desktop crashes when navigating to a certain folder.

After turning on Apache and Installing Quicktime SS 3... I had a nice little website thing going on...

Then I manage to have a kernel panic and crash desktop and wind up on a nice little blask screen with a [localhost:/] in front of me...

I played with linux a bit on my old mac so i knew what was up... Tried to restart desktop and that didn't do anyhting... so i rebooted.

Now. My website is address is once a webpage... now blank.

When i try to navigate to the webserver's document's folder... the finder ...erm... "desktop" dies! everytime.. it restarts though fine...

when i cd to the docs folder everything seems fine.... it's weird all the docs are there... no extra crap. strange.

any ideas?

my setup:
iMac DVSE 400 / 256 MB
(and a crapload of digital toys to go with it)

no ideas, i guess.

is there something wrong with the way i phrased the qestion?
FWIW I just got something similar.I had one folder with a lot of files in it and after opening it drag & drop just quit working in the Finder in icon and column views. trying to drag a file in list view would crash the Finder, which would then restart and say it detected and fixed a problem, but the whole thing would happen all over again.

I've used this folder before with the same # files too... the only thing I did differently was to create a new user in Multiple Users just prior to this.
i still haven't fixed it... not that i have really been trying lately... but it is odd, to say the least.

you asked if i edited the folder's plist...

i don't know how to that. what would i do to do that?

sorry. total newbie here who is just entering the whole *nix thing through MacOSX.

it's cool, but a bit daunting.

any light you shed on it would be cool.
and this is the exact problem that brings me here today. I have 3 36G drives in my machine, my intention is to share my massive mp3 collection to all of my other computers, macs and windows. samba is cool, AFP is usable as long as I don't mess up files with long file names ... but after a nasty crash, I can't view anything on that disk under Aqua. Cmmand line is fine, AFP and samba are bothe fine, if I so much as look at the disk, or look at a folder which contains an alias to anything on that disk my desktop crashes and comes back. Once in a while it'll bounce back 30 or more times before being OK. As soon as I look at the disk ... boom.

so 30G of my favorite tunes are annoying to deal with as moving them via command line or windows breaks resource fork stuff (icons on folders, filetype and creator) and even moving them over AFP truncates the name to 31 characters (more like 24+#####.mp3)

I've run every utility in the book on the drive, it's fine. I suspect netinfo or a hidden preference. I've never heard of a Folder.plist - I assure if I had found one I'd have deleted it to see what would happen. My latest effort is to install Darwin on another drive and see if I can learn/hack my way back to functionality.

any ... (ahem) ANY thoughts? ... anyone? I'm a mac vet and semi-pro unix user, I'd like to think I could fix this. I'm inches away from paying apple $50 for tech support on this one.
i reinstalled x. right on the same disk.

lost ALL my desktop/dock/system prefs... everything except a few apps prefs were reset....

the dock had two icons in it... the desktop and the trash.

i haven't even rebuilt all of it yet.

sucks. it doesn't crash anymore now though...

i think the aqua window manager chokes on folders with a lot of files and roasts itself. :(

reminds me of KDE in that respect ;)

I sent this into Apple's feedback. This is one nasty bug, it better be killed... I am not installing X 1.0 until I verify it is.

Wll, I formatted the drive (under 9, as I have yet to ba able to fformat anything under X) and then I could look at it. Of course I moved everything off first, and now I'll find out if it magically reappears when I put stuff back. That would suck.

I don't suppose most people run 3 disks on their system, so this probably isn't an effective solution for most. It was also not my system disk, so that's also a plus. Let's hear it for keeping your system disk minimal. (wooohooo)

So, it apparently has something to do with the disk itself ... though I have no idea what.

I just hope it doesn't happen again. though it probably will.