desktop pictures


please someone tell me how can i put the forest, beaches, etc pictures that appears on the screensavers at my desktop.
thank you
With the terminal application, you need to navigate to this path:
/System/Library/Screen Savers/Beach.saver/Contents/Resources/Images
to do so, type:
cd '/System/Library/Screen Savers/Beach.saver/Contents/Resources/Images'

You will see:
Beach01.jpg Beach04.jpg Beach07.jpg Beach10.jpg Beach13.jpg
Beach02.jpg Beach05.jpg Beach08.jpg Beach11.jpg
Beach03.jpg Beach06.jpg Beach09.jpg Beach12.jpg
Just copy them to another location, such as your home (cd ~) directory. For the other screensavers, just substitute 'Beach.saver' with the screen saver's name.
To copy files to another directory, type:
cp Beach03.jpg ~/
(copies beach01.jpg to your home directory.)
Here is another way to do the same thing.
(after you copied the pictures from /Library/Screen Savers/Beach.saver/Contents/Resources/Images/)

1) Choose Finder - Preferences

2) Click on [Select Picture...]

3) Navigate to Library/Desktop Pictures/

Choose the picture you like...
This is the method I used to find the forest and beach pictures after seeing them and their filenames.

1. Open Sherlock

2. Make sure the Mac OS X HD is check-marked.

3. In the search field, type "forest"

4. Press "return" or click on the magnifying glass.

5. After Sherlock locates the files with "forest" in them, click on one of the "forest" files found.

6. Press "Command-E", for open enclosing folder. A window will open showing all the "forest" files.

7. "Option-drag" the files to the desktop. Put them in a folder and put it somewhere conveniently located in your user directory, like the "Pictures" folder.

8. Ditto for the "beach" files.

A little known secret I've noticed with Sherlock is that it can locate files in "hidden" folders even though the files themselves are not hidden.