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Dear Mac OS X Developers,

first I want to take this oportunity to thank the Apple team for this wonderfull peace of software. I'm exploring Mac OS X Public Beta since two weeks and I'm very impressed. But since I downloaded this big developer package (70 Meg) I was shocked. I can't believe that Apple ist killing a powerful technologie like the Objective-C EOF (Enterprise Object Framework). Since I began development with Rapsody DR1 I was impressed by the Enterprise Object Framework. It shows what database application development on Mac OS X (Server) is about. It is easy and powerful. Together with databases like Openbase it is fun to program applications with database access. I think that Apple is making a mistake to kill or minimize the support of EOF only to WebObjects. EOF is not only powerfull for the Web or Web driven applications, it is also powerfull for serverbased Enterprise Apps. I hope that Apple think again and bundle this framework with Mac OS X for the final version without the need of buying the WebObjects package.

Claudius A. Warzecha
If Apple is serious about going after the enterprise, they actually need to work with people like Oracle, Sun, SAP, Siebel, etc.

Proprietary is fine if you have marketshare, but 5% - less if we're talking enterprise - and proprietary is the kiss of death.