Developer Tools


It seems like the apple developer tools are a hot topic, so why not make a new thread for them?

I have a seperate quesiton about the developer tools, also. I am currently running an iMac RevA 233 with 96mb of RAM, and I have had MacOSX running VERY well for about 2 months (chmod -x <-- gotta love it :)). My problem is compiling, I have had to go on IRC to find my port binaries because I have not been able to install developer tools. Whenever I try to do it, the progress bar on 'extracting' moves about 2 pixels and hangs, and if I just let it sit my system panics after a couple of hours. Does anyone know the problem? Also, for some reason every time I try to install i has a different install size, ranging from ~70mb to ~200mb. *boggle*


iMac REV A 233 96mb RAM 4GB HD (ordering 128MB ram today)