devtools 10.1 prob


I recently installed the free MacOSX 10.1 update. After I installed it, I tried to launch my previous copy of ProjectBuilder, however it did not launch. I then downloaded DeveloperTools 10.1 from Apple, however when I attempt to install them, Installer tells me: "This software cannot be installed on this computer." How can I alleviate this problem?

350 mhz indigo iMac, 250 MB phys. RAM, MacOS 9.2.1 and MacOS X 10.1
I just downloaded ADC Developer Tools 10.1 and want to install it but FIRST I want to make sure that (a) it doesn't cause any OS X 10.1 problems (my system is finally running great!) and (b) that it is even necessary.

There are a few tools that I'd like to see and I was told that a CARBONIZED version of SimpleTExt is included so no more Classic mode to load SimpleText docs.

When I first clicked on the installer it seemed as if it installed OVER 10.1; would I be correct in hoping that it ONLY -adds- a "Developer" folder in Applications and install all files there but does not add files anywhere else (or otherwise mess up OS X 10.1)? This is for a non-test machine; I actually use this Mac and can't afford downtime of reinstalling 10.1 if I am wrong.


Actually, it installs files all over the place. More command line tools in /usr/bin, headers in /usr/include, libraries in /usr/lib; non command line stuff include headers for frameworks (under /System/Library/Frameworks), debug and profiling libraries for those Frameworks, documentation for those Frameworks, and quite a bit of other development-specific items. It shouldn't, however, overwrite the normally-used files for those Frameworks.

As far as it being necessary, I would say that depends on whether you plan on doing development, or building any programs which are downloaded as source, or using fink.

I will say I installed the dev tools for 10.1 right after upgrading to it, and haven't had a problem that couldn't be traced back to me doing something I really shouldn't be doing.