DHCP and Clients


I am unsure as to the purpose of the DHCP and DNS functions in OS X Server v2. Is the DHCP feature in Mac OS X Server v2 used to give clients IP addresses, and then allow those clients to access the internet. if so, how do i set that up, if not, What the F**k do you do with these
I am quite confused and any help would be Very Appreciated


PowerBook G3 500Mhz
320 MB Ram
12Gig HD
OS 9.1 + OS X Server v2 [10.0.4]
The DHCP server just serves IP addresses to the clients. ie your OSX server has IP address you have a gateway to the internet at In the server setting you select a range of IP addresses to be served and put as the router address. Fire up a client machine and tell it to get address info from DHCP server and the settings you put in appear in the TCP/IP control panel the router address is the gateway you wish the clients to use to access another network or the internet (hardware router for example) You could put your DHCP servers address in there but you would have to set that up as a gateway. As of yet OSX server has no GUI for NAT or any other form of Internet sharing built in it has to be done in the command line or using something like GNAT (which you can get from www.versiontracker.com). The lack of a utility like this built into OSX is in a word shit. I haven't worked out the point of the DNS yet it just seems to have an on off switch.

Hope this helps