dhcp client name unsend !


If have made a DHCP/ddns server.
When a mac os 9 computer connects to this server, the server receives the MAC adresse AND the name of the client. So it can update the DNS data base.
But when a computer running ox X 10.0.4 connects to the server, the server receives only the MAC adresse ! So, the DNS cannot be updated.
Is there a solution to that problem ?
It is a bit ridicul that the network control panel is designed to get a name that is never used !

If some one have and idea, it will help me.

Thank you

JŽr™me Duquennoy
I don't think this will help you but I've the same problem, I think it's a dns client problem but I can't find anything about it in OS X. What I can tell you is that tha name in the preferences is not the dns name but only the Appletalk name.
I tried to change the DNS name is located in a file named hostconfig in /etc but even changing this doesn't solve the problem.....
I can't find where to put the DNS domain name.

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