DHCP keeps "going south"...


I've been having problems with DHCP on my system for some time now. They aren't isolated to OSX (OS9 also has problems with loosing my lease with RoadRunner) but the problem I have here is rather confusing.

If I open the Network control panel when I boot the system it reports the following information...

(Using DHCP - Automatic DNS)
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Hardware Address: 00:30:65:86:c1:b3

If I then look in a terminal window at the settings using netstat -r it says my hardware address is 0:30:80:6f:c:70.

Which is correct? Why are they different? Could this have anything to do with my problem?

At this point the network will work. After some period of time the network will stop working and the IP address and router will have 'fallen-over' to the non-routed DHCP defaults.

Rebooting always seems to restore the network without anything needing to be done to the cable modem (it must be powered in the OS9 scenario).

I'm not 100% sure this is an OSX thing or a RoadRunner/Cable Modem thing but the people at RoadRunner haven't got a clue about Macs in general not to mention OSX (ie. UNIX). They probably would claim that they don't even support OSX(UNIX) just to get themselves out of supporting their system!

I hope somebody has some ideas...



I am having a similar problem with Darwin Networks and DHCP. What is the command similar to IPConfig /renew that will allow the OS x system to get a new IP address and re-initialize itself. Sometimes a reboot will fix and sometimes it wont.

Any help would be appreciated.




I have solved my DHCP problem (I can't check from here if the mis-matched MAC address problem is also resolved) by installing BrickHouse which let's me set my firewall rules with a GUI (get it from versiontracker). It seems that the default settings of the built-in firewall in the MacOSX BSD kernel prevent some traffic which is "required" for DHCP to work properly. These rules are hard coded into the firewall rule generating routines but most/all other rules are configureable.

Hope this helps.