DHCP Problems and More....


Got a few problems that I could use some help with.

Quick background: I'm in a school district and our facility just got T-1 access. That's the good news. ;) The bad news is that Macs are completely unsupported here, so when I ask "how do I..." or "why can't I..." questions of the district techs, the answer is, "Get a PC."

Okay, so, we have this DHCP problem going through the district servers. They're not particularly forthcoming about their hardware, but a fair amount in Novell and Cisco equipment. When we connect via DHCP connection, a weird problem occurs. Any Macintosh getting onto the network is assigned the IP address of the last Mac to get on the network. The obvious problem is that if I get on, and then another Mac user here gets on, they're assigned my IP and neither of us can connect. This problem does not occur with PCs. Any ideas?

Next problem. Web download speed. All the Macs have attrocious download times. In OS X 10.1, I can't even complete an entire page in IE, iCab, OmniWeb, or Opera. Pages most frequently hang on GIFs and JavaScript (.js) files. Again, PCs load pages lightning quick.

I'm no network guru, but I know at least a little. I've helped set up our computer lab here, and I'm the guy they call when there's a computer problem (Mac or PC) or network issue. But the network technicians for our district won't even entertain the idea of troubleshooting (or even listening to) a Mac problem. I figure things are about as good as they're going to get, but if anyone has any suggestions for something to try, please fire away.

The unfortunate thing about this problem is that the Mac-bashers here at work are already beginning to catch wind of the problem, and they're saying, "See? Told you Macs suck! They can't even get on the Internet right!"


Will it never end?


Actually, this was a problem in 10.0.4, as well as 9.x and 8.x. So, I'm not convinced the problem is OS-related.

However, thanks for the link... Interesting reading. :)