Di-514 Doesn't Work With Airport Card - Have Answer!


I couldn't figure out how to respond to someone here who said his/her computer wouldn't work with the DI-514 router - with an Airport card. After hours and hours of turmoil myself with the same problem recently, I found the answer on the Apple Discussion site. Steve Newstrum wrote in 2004:

When trying to wirelessly connect to this model of wireless router with AirPort or AirPort Extreme wireless cards (and possibly other PCMCIA cards) you need to make a change to the router's default configuration. The DI-514 uses a short wireless preamble by default which interferes with the ability of wireless clients which do not support this to communicate successfully.

While connected via ethernet to the DI-514, open a web browser and go to "". Log in using "admin" as the username and leave the password field blank (or use whatever username and password you may have already established to administer the router). Click on the "OK" button to log in to the router's configuration screen.

Select the "Advanced" tab and then the "Performance" button on the left to reveal the "Wireless Performance" features of the router. You will notice a "Preamble Type" option, which defaults to "Short Preamble". Change this setting to "Long Preamble" and then click on the "Apply" check mark below.

It should be noted that this option is not necessarily unique to this particular D-Link product or other wireless products by other manufacturers and should be investigated whenever unexplainable connectivity issues arise during initial install of a wireless router.