Diablo grinds to a crawl after installing Tiger


I installed the MaxOS X 10.4 Tiger update, last week, on to my dual 1GHz "mirror" G4. The performance of Diablo dropped right off to almost unplayable. I had to turn off OpenGL, by holding down the option key, on launching Diablo, and setting it to software video. The 10.4.1 update that came out yesterday didn't help.

Can anyone one suggest an alternate video card for my G4 that works properly with OpenGL in Diablo? Mine has the standard ATI with the RV250 core.

/edit I also noticed some heavy stalling as map segments loaded and the drive thrashing that was not there under Panther 10.3.9. I have read that this may be due to Spotlight indexing the drive.

I have disabled spotlight by editing /etc/hostconfig and setting: