DialpadX PR Available for Mac OS X


DialpadX PR (Preview Release), a new program recently became available for Mac OS X that allows you to make FREE long distance phone calls in the U.S.!!! The URL is:


You will have to create an account at the website, much like AOL Instant Messenger (username and password).

NOTE: I have a Power Mac G3, 400MHz, 640MB RAM. This program maxes out the processor (according to 'top' in the terminal window) but communication is crystal clear except for a minor skip every once in a while. Running other progams simultaneously causes audio skipping. This probably won't happen to anyone with a G4. If you have the Apple microphone that came with your system, moving it closer to you, like 6 to 8 inches away from your head significantly reduces the "tunnel" or "speaker phone" effect. I've made phone calls from OHIO to FLORIDA, INDIANA, TENNESSEE, and MICHIGAN. All the calls were great except for one, where I heard a delayed echo effect, probably a program glitch or something since it did not happen with the other calls.

Since this is a preview release, there is no customer support (yet). This is great!

Enjoy all!

Yes, I was using a standard 56k modem connection. My connection speeds as seen in Mac OS 9 (Remote Access) are typically 44000 bps to 45333 bps, and once in a blue moon 46667 bps.

I've used DialpadX several more times since my original post to make in-state long distance phone calls. There were no skips or break ups, however, people do ask if I'm talking on a cell phone in a car or a speaker phone.

I think this works very well considering that it is a preview release and that the long distance phone calls are free. I can now confidently say that when I will make long distance phone calls, I will use DialpadX instead of AT&T.

Perfect for college-bound mac fans wanting to save money.

Forgot to post this in the original post: WEAR headphones. This will definitely reduce the "echo" effect or "speakerphone" effect.

What microphone did you use? I cannot get it to work with the mic that is built into my monitor...it's driving me nuts!

Also, are you using version 0.6? Recently, mine stopped working. When I try to launch DialPadX, it just hangs with the splash screen.
I am using DialpadX version 0.6. It automatically checks for updates everytime I start it up. The microphone I'm using is the Apple microphone that came with my system. It sort of looks like a sea shell with a cord coming out of it (the cord is about 4 or 5 feet long). It's made out of a semi-transparent white plastic with holes on the front and top of it. I just checked the Apple Store, I think it's the Apple PlainTalk Microphone ($15.00). Does Apple still bundle a microphone with their tower systems?

speaking of audio...

I just got a new G4, and there is NO audio input, other than the cdrom (internal).

Driving me nuts! I used to record my band on the G3 with its RCA line inputs.

Now all I've got is a headphone out and some sort of digital audio port.

Is the digital audio port input or output?
Is there a simple audio-input usb device with full macintosh support (OS X and Classic)?

Man, Apple was the first vender to put mic inputs on the personal computer. Looks like they may be the first to remove them.

I'd love to use dialpad, Speakable Items, recorde an alert sound.... I feel rather *silent*...

BTW, Jay and Silent Bob strike back is pretty darn funny. Stupid plot, *great* movie!
Wow, I'm really surprised about the G4 not having a microphone port. That is another MISTAKE that Apple made. Gee, sounds like they knocked another $300 off the cost of manufacturing that little item! What company makes built-in speach recognition software, is used extensively in media editing field and doesn't include a microphone port on their product? The Mac starts catching up with some really cool software in the PC world and Apple goes and messes up again.

Does a USB microphone work like a regular microphone or is "special" software required to do the audio to digital conversion? Are there any USB microphone manufacturers besides IBM packaging a microphone with ViaVoice? I can't see spending over $100 for an entire softeware package just to get a microphone.


Anyway, I did a search on yahoo, and came up with this:
its a $34.99 device that has line and mic input (shared connector - is it stereo?), and speaker out.

Basically a usb device with a DAC and ADC built in, alonge with a few preamps.

I wonder if there will be any delay between when I send audio into this thing and when the computer gets it?