Did a Nuke hit us :eek:


Simply Daemonic
I left for a few hours to go watch TV and teh format of the site changed :eek: !!!!!!!

Oh My God! I have lost my Bearings

Someone help a blind Admiral out...

Admin... small request... can you add a PDA section please :)
If you need a layout for it I would be glad to provide you with my PDA thought :rolleyes:

I volunteer to moderate those PDA forums if possition becomes available and we actually create a PDA part to the site :D
Hey! I wanna help moderate a PDA part too! But I doubt we'll get one!

Question/comment: I don't like this, can you change it back?
he he :p
It took me by suprise...
It looks more like an OS forum than an OS X forum :p
Looks very weird ... I guess we'll have to get used to it...
(pweaaasseee lets get a PDA forum ;) )