Did I toast this thumbdrive?


So I picked up a new external HD and it had to be formatted and since I had Disk Utility open,.. I had filled an 8G TD with a bunch of corrupted files that I backup for a hack fix job and thought to my smart self, "heck, I'll just do a quick format with disk utility on this TD since I already have it open". I used Mac OS Ext. (Journaled)

Well, yep it erased everything, but now nothing about my computer sees the TD. Not finder, DU, not in terminal.

So, I'm thinking it's gone, yea?

If anyone has any ideas I'm open to hearing them! ;-)


- D

OSX 10.9.4 Intel i7


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
Have you tried mounting it on a different computer? A Mac or Windows machine.


I've not had the chance to, I'm wondering if a Windows or Ubuntu VM might see it? I'll fire it up and try it out.

Thanks - Don