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Has any one purchased the iWatch? What do you think about it? Comfortable to wear? Easy to set up?


I received one as a belated birthday gift in mid July (my birthday is in January). I was somewhat skeptical about getting one before it was released. I was wondering what I would/could possibly use it for. What could this $400 gadget do for me that my $15 watch from Walmart can't do that would justify the expense?


I'm not exactly a fitness nut (actually far from it) so the fitness/health features would not be a compelling reason to have one. However…

There are plenty of things that it does that now if I didn't put it on first thing in the morning I would definitely miss it. First there are the time-keeping features which my Walmart watch can do with the exception of being able to set multiple alarms on the Apple Watch. My Walmart watch only has two alarms available. I currently have four separate alarms on my Apple Watch set for weekdays only. I've had as many as seven separate alarms at one time and a I can set them for specific days as well. So if I wanted to set an alarm for 7 am on Monday Tuesday and Friday and another for 8:30 am for Wednesday and Saturday (or any other possible combination) it's possible to do that. The cheap watch can't do that.

What else do I use it for? News alerts, weather alerts, control my media apps on my iPhone 6 Plus, use it as a remote control for my Apple TV, calendar notifications, checklists (like my shopping list), check my GPS position including marking waypoints, see incoming calls to my iPhone while its still in my pocket without having to dig it out to check it (which is particularly handy while driving)…

There are many more things I could list but I'll stop here. Some of the things I've mentioned require a third-party app.

In short, initially, I thought it would be a glorified accessory (toy) to go with the iPhone. After actually using it I've found it indispensable. If I left the house without it I'd actually miss it.

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I bought the steel version with link bracelet. It's a wonderful gadget that has three major advantages for me:

1.) My iPhone can stay in my pocket more often, because a quick glance can confirm that an alert is nothing that needs my attention right now.
2.) I sooooooooooooooooooooooo like seeing the current weather conditions at a glance. It seems as if that had been missing from all the gorgeous watches I've used thus far in my life. I mean: Of course one can simply go outside and see for oneself, but I seem to be quite temperature-sensitive. Anything between 24 and 26 Celsius is okay for me, you know... ;)
3.) It actually makes me move a little more. It won't make me actually do sports, but it reminds me to get up from time to time, and if I don't reach my goals (which are set very low), it makes me know so. I hope it'll lead to a healthier lifestyle. Some day. In the future. When I have the time to move. :p

I'm treating mine largely like a wristwatch. I don't plan on actually reading news on the watch or use games or other apps... I really enjoy having a little more information at the ready.


An old thread, but I thought I'd chip in! I was initially thinking the Apple Watch was a bit of an unnecessary toy and I was not convinced by it in the early days. For various reasons, I eventually decided to try one and I've been impressed! It does help tremendously if you already have an iPhone, I don't think I'd buy one without owning an iPhone. The Apple Watch does mean I don't have to dig out my phone as often, I can quickly check the weather, I can use my watch in big cities for navigation (set a route and let it discretely buzz to alert me when to change direction), my commitments that day can be easily checked in the morning, I can monitor my sleep (e.g. using Pillow), and it has indeed made me think a little more about my health, with the tracking of exercise and heart rate. Not a bad thing. Occasionally, I have used it to take phone calls. On top of all this, the Apple Watch also tells the time! :)