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That when you choose "About this Mac" that you can click on where it says "Version 10.1" and it will switch to the build number, then if you click on it again it will say "serial number"?
Just something I was pretty surprised by.
There were a couple of threads a while back that dealt with OS X and its serial number although you had to install it and move the mouse pointer to some location while holding some key to get the prompt for the serial number lol :p

In any case I think what it did was to speed up OS X or something.

I wonder what this serial number does ;) Hidden features like easter eggs maybe ? ;)
are you still building your site? because the reviews didnt work and neither did the poll.

on a Mac G4 running os 9.2.1 and IE 5
yeah, Im working on the reviews right now. But the poll should be working. hmmmmm. What did it do wrong?
i didnt do a damn thing. i just visited and the poll was in the lower right hand corner and it said Puma Poll and then asked the questions. Thats all. I'm running os 9.2.1 and IE 5

ohh i get it now. its geting cut off by the bottom of the page. i dont see any of the choices.

Go figure.

Can any one else please visit the site and me if they can view/use the poll.

Also, twister, do you know of Dillinger Four?
There one of my favorite punk bands and they are from Minneapolis, one of the guitarists actually owns a bar in the twin cities.
Yesterday i think i witnessed some kind of feature. When i closed the iBook for sleep, the pro mouse i have connected flashed 1 time every second until it got to ten, then went to sleep. I couldn't get this to reproduce. I was using 5G24. Anyone else able to try this?
The name sounds familiar but i cant say as i know them. What bar do they own? Maybe i should go check them out.