Differences Between MacOSX Beta/Client and MacOSX Server


Question: What is the differences between the Mac OSX client and MacOSX server. I mean, I can buy the server now with, i assume, more utilities, appleshare ip built in etc. but, if Mac OS X is not out yet (March 24, 2001), how can Mac OS X Server be sold now???
OSX Server has been out for a couple years already. (at least it seems that long!) The new version that just came out is the first with the Aqua interface (prior versions looked like a hybrid of OS8 and NeXT) but I dont' know what else has been added.

Basically, if you need a server and want to spend $500 or thereabouts, get OSX Server, if you dont, wait for OSX Client.
OK, thats kinda what i understood from the apple guys at MacWorld Expo. Man was that interface sweet!! They also had a real nice interface to Apache, Mail, FTP, DHCP, etc. They are really doing it up great! Should be a great product from what I saw at MacWorld.