Different kind of modem connect...


Not sure if anyone has done this or not...

Say you have a computer with Mac OS X at home, with a DSL or cable modem connection.

What is the likelihood of setting it up to allow someone to dial in via modem and surf the web?

How hard would this be to set up? What's involved? Any ideas?

Needed: modem, set to autorespond; a Mac with a supported serial port; some experimentation

Software needed to provide the service is already present on the MacOS X systems: pppd and getty. Please read the respective manual pages (man pppd, or man getty, from Terminal). Additional configuration files are /etc/ttys and /etc/gettytab

Sorry, I cannot help you with a cookbook because I only have a Cube and a G4 Tower, none of which has a serial port, much less a supported one :(

However, what you want to do can easily be done on *BSD, using exactly the same steps.