Different tech on 17" and 20" iMAC G5


Typical viewing angle:
* 17-inch model
o 140° horizontal
o 120° vertical
* 20-inch model
o 170° horizontal
o 170° vertical

1. How can this be? Shouldnt the degrees be identical between these two monitors?
2. Do the CinemaDisplay monitors (20") have the same specs with the iMAC G5 (20") monitors?
2. Yes. The 20" iMac and the 20" Cinema Display have the same viewing angle specifications (170 degrees both ways).
I guess the 20" is just newer technology. I'm sure when the technology trickles down to the 17" displays, the specs will be quietly updated without anyone noticing. I believe both displays are produced by Samsung, by the way.
Samsung? So whether i get a Samsung or Apple display its the same thing?
Which Samsung is the equivalent to the 20-23" cinema display?