Difficulties With Font Book


I'm using a new Mac mini with 10.4.2 and Font Book 2.

I'm having two problems:

1. Vag Rounded is installed in the Font Book and enabled but won't show up on the font list of any of my applications. Why? How can I fix this?

2. My main applications (Adobe Photoshop CS, AppleWorks 6, MS Word, & Freehand MX) have differing fonts showing in their font lists. Why is the same font available in one application but not another?

3. I wish to create either a library or a collection (I can't determine which is the right one) which houses my most commonly used fonts (approx. 150 fonts) so that I can then disable the bulk of my other fonts and just have a short list to work with in applications. I have created new collections and libraries both, following Font Book Help's instructions. My expectation is that if I highlight that library or collection while working in an application that I will only see the fonts in that collection/library. This is definitely not the case. How can I make it so that I see the same approx. 150 fonts in all of my applications?

4. I seem to have screwed something up with a default font, because now when I preview font info in Font Book the leading between the lines is a quadruple space instead of being double-spaced. The same thing is happening with email display.

Thanks for your help,