Digital Camera Not Mounting

Al Muftah

I recently bought a vivitar dvr-390h digital camera (actually a 6-in-1 device including dv and still image recording ability). it works fine mounting via usb on windows xp, but i can't get it to mount on os x 10.3.9. (i have installed the latest security updates, btw). when i connect the camera's usb cable to my usb port, i then have to choose "usb-in" from the main menu. the camera then attempts to connect to the computer. on windows xp, it automatically mounts like a usb drive. on my mac, (ibook g4) it tries to mount, but sometimes the finder freezes, sometimes it does nothing. when i try to see what's going on using system profiler, i can't access the usb portion of the menu--that just spins too--not exactly freezing, but acting like it's working on a problem that it can't resolve. once, it did work, and this is the readout i got:

digital player:

removable media: no
detachable drive: yes
bsd name: disk2
vendor name: usb
os9 drivers: no
product id: 5776 ($1690)
speed: up to 480 mb/sec
bus power (ma): 500
serial number: dsc2004

with disk utility, when i try to open that program to try to look at the drive, it just spins like it can't resolve something. i have used a program called usb monitor, which pops up a message telling you when you plug something new in. it registers that i have plugged a device called "digital player." also, i have used a program called usbprober which scans the usb bus and gives me some info (most of which i don't understand). here's the output, for those of you out there who understand this kind of thing:

this is the output of the bus probe:

usb device @ 0x5b200000: ............................................. composite device: "digital player"
device descriptor
descriptor version n 0x0200
device class: 0 (composite)
device subclass: 0
device protocol 0
device maxpacketsize 64
device vendorid/prod 0x0784/0x1690
device version numbe 0x0000
number of configurat 1
manufacturer string: 1 "usb "
product string: 2 "digital player"
serial number string 3 "dsc2004"
configuration descri
total length of desc 32
number of interfaces 1
configuration value: 1
attributes: 0xc0 (self-powered)
maxpower: 0 ma
interface #0 - mass storage
alternate setting 0
number of endpoints 2
interface class: 8 (mass storage)
interface subclass: 6
interface protocol 80
endpoint 0x02 - bulk
attributes: 0x02 (out)
attributes: 0x02 (bulk)
polling interval: 0 ms
endpoint 0x86 - bulk
attributes: 0x86 (in)
attributes: 0x02 (bulk)
polling interval: 0 ms

here's the output of the ioregistry:

digital player@5b200000 <class iousbdevice>
appleusbcomposite <class appleusbcomposite>
iousbinterface@0 <class iousbinterface>
iousbmassstorageclass <class iousbmassstorageclass>
ioscsiperipheraldevicenub <class ioscsiperipheraldevicenub>
ioscsiperipheraldevicetype00 <class ioscsiperipheraldevicetype00>
ioblockstorageservices <class ioblockstorageservices>
ioblockstoragedriver <class ioblockstoragedriver>
vivitar dvr-390h media <class iomedia>
iomediabsdclient <class iomediabsdclient>
iofdiskpartitionscheme <class iofdiskpartitionscheme>
untitled 1@1 <class iomedia>
iomediabsdclient <class iomediabsdclient>
iousbuserclientinit <class iousbuserclientinit>
iousbuserclientinit <class iousbuserclientinit>
iousbdeviceuserclient <class iousbdeviceuserclient>
iousbdeviceuserclient <class iousbdeviceuserclient>

i know this is a lot of information, but i figured this might help. i really like this camera and would love to use it with os x. if i can't, i'll probably end up selling it on ebay. can anyone help?