Direct X support in a Windows Emulator


Does anyone know if it works? And if so, how buggy is it? My purchase of a Mac is basically hinged on this one thing, so if anyone has had any success running applications that require DirectX drivers under the Mac OS X platform, please respond to me either here or via email ( with detailed information about the enviornment in which you got it to work. (i.e., what other software was required? What emulator? Etc.)

Thanks so much!
If you are going to work in a Pre X environment like OS 9, the answer is direct X is supported. Virtual PC is the best emulator IMHO, it is a hardware emulator thus you can load almost any OS on it.

Also depends on the machine. On my 350Mhz G3 (blue and white) it works ok. I run a few dirX games but they skip frames. Maybe it's due to the lack of hardware 3D accel. Windows works on a mac with an emulator just dont expect miracles. Also VPC is not OS X savvy yet so dont make the leap yet if you dont have to.