Directory Structure


I have a 2 gig partition ready for March 24. I know this will be enough to install MacOS X system. The question is, will I be able to specify where I install my apps? I would like to install all apps on my Apps partition. Is it possible to have Classic/Carbon and MacOS 9 apps on the same partition without causing trouble?

Is it even possible to change the install location to something of my choice?


I doubt you'll be able to control much of anything about location of your stuff, as the unixness of OS X makes it rather pathname dependant. If you become all hardcore and hack into the installer or the boot configs, maybe you could mount another partition as /applications and fake it.

But in all reality, it's not necessary, just make that partition HFS+ and all things can live there happily, 9 and X apps side by side, dogs and cats playing together, total happy chaos.


Put your apps where ever you want... some of the CLI utilities (so far) only look for apps in /applications and ~/applications, but the the GUI part doesn't really care.

Hopefully, there will be tools to make partitions mount where ever.. I really want to be able to mount a partition at /Users and one at /Applications because that would be a nice and transparent way to keep my important files on separate partitions.