Directx support on OSX


I thought this might be a fairly simple question to answer...

I simply want to play halflife, counter striker and maybe black & white on my 800DP with 22" and Winfast Gf3 (not showing off but I am an apple reseller)

The simple problem is what is the best app to run under osx to emulate windows 9x.

I need to do some benchmarks tests and have yet to find this underlying question.

So please post only if you have some experience in this field (I am not talking about VPC, moreover WineX, or XonX)

Thanks for your help and I will post bmarks when I get em.


sad to say, but ms stopped including support for COM etc on Mac in their dev tools a couple of years ago or so.

The MBU (mac biz unit) is the only one (I presume) that has access to ms tools which can access ms objects ... obviously, they want to keep the whole lucrative mac franchise they serve all to themselves: if their tools were still x-platform then any windows idiot could recompile for mac, thereby potentially diluting the 'only on windows' market oppurtunity for most (lazy/stupid) ISV's.

Bigger shops tend to have their own in-house "thunking" layer for this purpose.

Bottom line, the ms "classic" object runtime (VBA, MFC, COM, AvtiveX/OLE) all run native on mac ... but only ms has tools which hook directly into them ...

this is something for which we should ask metrowerks for support - since they are focused on carbon tools and also sell their IDE for windows!