Disable Unsafe Usb Removal Warning On Os X


This is a very annoying "feature" of my Mac. Others have asked how to disable this message and have only received answers like "you can't do it without disabling all system messages". I have an Ironkey password protected USB drive. Each time I log into the drive, I get this annoying message, which I then have to click on. The underlying reason for this message is that Mac's must use caching and not write everything to the drive when asked to do so. If this is the case, then how do I disable caching? BTW, most good USB drives have LED lights that indicate when it is safe to remove the drive.
It is easier to eject the usb disk correctly rather than trying to disable the cache or system messages for each usb drive you have. Even the latest Windows machines require the user to properly eject the drive before removing it from the usb port (so it is not just a Mac thing).
Hi Cheryl,
I do not have that option. When I log into my secure USB, it must dismount the original locked drive and mount another drive on the same USB. When it dismounts the newly unlocked drive, I get the message.
You have one USB drive and it has a locked partition and an unlocked partition, am I understanding this correctly?

When you mount the USB, does it show in a finder window in the side bar ?