DISASTER! TrollTech ports Qt to OS X


Puny Member
Worse than XTools using Aqua title bars, worse than the Aqua L&F plugin for Swing, TrollTech has ported Qt to OS X so now Qt apps, which are not mac apps, appear as mac apps.

Now it would be another thing entirely if Qt apps running on OS X did not use an Aqua facade. However this is not the case, Qt apps running on OS X try their best to look like mac apps without behaving like them. They do not follow the Aqua HI Guidleines and they certainly do not follow the many implicit mac HI conventions.

I suggest Qt developers use Qt for Darwin/X11 which has been working for some time. Those of us who want Qt apps can use gparker's rootless XDarwin patch (which I've been using for a very long time).

I think everybody who is concerned about HI chaos in OS X ought to email TrollTech and ask that they provide a method to avoid the Aqua facade.

Again I have no problem with Qt, I have a problem with apps pretending to be mac apps when they aren't.