Disconnecting From Network



I have a G5 Mac on 10.3.9 connecting to Windows 2000 Advanced Server machine using appletalk, whenever I try to copy files from the mac to the server or send an email via the server with a large attachment the server is disconnecting me, almost as if it is timing out, any suggestions?




Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Have you tried using SMB? If you head to "Network" from within the Finder, Mac OS X should detect whatever is on the network (this might take a while though depending on the size of the LAN). As of 10.2, Mac OS X supports Samba which allows you to access Windows shares on a network. If by chance it doesn't come up, you can always head to the manubar up-top and select Go-->Connect to Server. There you can type in the address of your W2K Server by using the "smb://" protocol. (Ex.: "smb://localhost.localdomain" or "smb://")