Disconnecting From Network



I have a G5 Mac on 10.3.9 connecting to Windows 2000 Advanced Server machine using appletalk, whenever I try to copy files from the mac to the server or send an email via the server with a large attachment the server is disconnecting me, almost as if it is timing out, any suggestions?


Have you tried using SMB? If you head to "Network" from within the Finder, Mac OS X should detect whatever is on the network (this might take a while though depending on the size of the LAN). As of 10.2, Mac OS X supports Samba which allows you to access Windows shares on a network. If by chance it doesn't come up, you can always head to the manubar up-top and select Go-->Connect to Server. There you can type in the address of your W2K Server by using the "smb://" protocol. (Ex.: "smb://localhost.localdomain" or "smb://")