Discussion: TivoToGo not Mac compatible


TivoToGo was just announced, but of course it's not yet Mac compatible. From Tivo's site:

"Are TiVoToGo™ transfers available for Apple Macintosh computers?
At this time TiVoToGo transfers are not available for Apple Macintosh computers. TiVo is working hard to enable TiVoToGo features available on TiVo Desktop for Mac. We are currently working on ways to enable playback on Apple Macintosh computers. We will let our customers know in our newsletter as soon as this feature is available."

So my question is: if I download onto a PC on my home network, could I then move the file to my Mac? I imagine the answer is a resounding "no" because the whole purpose of TivoToGo is to allow portability AND copy protection, which would mean one would need the software on the same machine it will be viewed on.

Anyone have any thoughts or comments? Any rumors on TivoToGo's mac timeline?