Disk copy will not work.


Humble God
I've put up 2 posts already, but no one has responded to them, and they are now way back in the forum where no one will look. So I'm going to say it again:

Disk copy will not mount my disk images I download from Apple anymore. It will mount .img files but not .dmg files. Does anybody know a fix to this?
:rolleyes: Hey I know what you are talking about, I was just about to post a message just like yours when I ran across your message, mine says error 192 and doesn't finish mounting, somebody out there has to know a solution.
If somebody does know the answer around here they sure are ignoring me. I've had this post up (along with a couple others) up for a few months and haven't gotton any responces. Now its offering me 10.0.4, but when I download it, it does the same darn thing.
Okay here is a quick fix for error 192 while I look for the overall solution. There is a privilege error in MacOSX that we have both encountered. What you need to do is make a folder on your hard disk, label it as Downloads (or something similar and easy to remember) take all your files that would not go through disk copy and place them in this folder. Okay, then log out of the computer and log back in as the root administrator. Your user name will be root and your password is the password you first gave the computer when you installed X. What the difference is from root administrator and you is that the root has all privileges and can see all invisible files, so be careful in here. Once in the root go to that downloads folder and you can mount your disk images now, after you have installed everything then go back to your regular adminstrator level, that's the solution I found for now. By the way I hope the anticipated "puma" release of MacOSX fixes all this mess because these privileges suck right now!
Can you drag your .dmg files to the disk copy icon?

Check out www.macosx.org
some where on there I remember reading about this same problem. Check through the news and the tips and tricks section.

Hope this helps