Disk Drive Will Not Read Blank Cd Rs


My disk drive suddenly stoped reading blank cd R's on my g4 laptop running 10.3.9. It will read everything else. The drive spins for a few seconds, then the disk icon does not show up on the desktop. The prefs are set to 'ask what to do' in the system prefs. Thank you all!

I had my prefs set to ignore when inserting a blank CD. After reading your post, I changed the CD System Preference to ask what to do...then when a CD was inserted a window opened which gave several choices...I opted to have the finder open and checked the default option...Now the blank CD shows on the desktop as an untitled CD.

I am using 10.4.2 on a G4 MDD.

Sorry I can't suggest a cure for you...maybe trashing the finder plist...repairing permissions...running Disk Warrior...reinstalling the OS...etc.