Disk First Aid in X


Just to make sure everything was OK, I ran the carbonized version of Disk First Aid under MacOS X. It found two moderate errors (I forget now what they were). But, it doesn't let you repair them because unlike the recent versions of DFA, it won't work on the startup drive.

Classic DFA doesn't really do anything at all running in classic mode.

Classic DFA under OS 9 sees the two errors plus some more major ones. I suspect that those major problems are just due to the differences between OS X and OS 9, so I didn't attempt to "fix" them.

But now the problem is, how can you I repair the OS X partition if the only way to run carbon DFA is to boot off of the X partition?
If I were you, I would repair everything from within OS 9. MacOS X did not change anything as far as HFS+ specifications go, so the errors detected by Disk First Aid in OS 9 are true and valid ones... and a time bomb for sure !
In order to repair you have to click on the "lock" to make changes. X does a good job during startup to scan and repair.

No changes to HFS+? Then why does letting Norton fix Major Errors corrupt a drive and require reformatting?

No version cahnge to DFA X (8.5.5) from 9.0, just a date change. But there are changes to Drive Setup since 9.0 to address Linux, UFS and X. I would reformat with latest Drive Setup and don't run anything on that volume from Classic - it doesn't understand the file/drive structure and gives false errors.

W/O an Apple Forum, stuff like this needs to go to MacFixit and Apple and get clarified.

For my system, I put X on UFS so all those utilities don't see the volume and neither does Classic. All my files (app, doc, etc) are on separate volume from X or Classic.

No changes to HFS+?
Yes : no change ! HFS+ is a specification that did not change. Modifying the HFS+ specs would mean that OS 9 becomes unable to read the disk.

What may change however is the disk driver. That may prevent a badly implemented program to work (like you seem to imply for Norton, which I do not use), but not a good one (like TTP). The errors detected are still appropriate and still require correction.

Using TTP (from within OS 9, of course), should not cause any malfunction in OS X. If it did for you, the reason escapes me.