disk fragmentation


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just wondering whether anyone happens to know what to do about disk fragmentation under os x ...
i ran norton utilities under 9.1 (not classic) the other day and it told me that my os x disk was rather severely fragmented (probably all that vm stuff...) ... but everytime i tried to defrag, it just crashed ...
anyone know of defrag tools for x? or how to prevent further vm fragmentation? (if that is indeed the cause ...)

thanks... :)
Hey sithious. I like to use DiskWarrior 2.1 by Alsoft. It has an optimizer called, obvious enough, PlusOptimizer. I rather prefer this utility to the other popular brand for a couple of reasons.
-DiskWarrior (the directory repair app) will create a new and optimized directory instead of patching it. The act of patching a directory leaves you at risk for further damage.
-Notice how Norton has dragged there feet for OS X support and Mac support in general. Seems like they are putting much more effort into there Win market in the last year or so. Do I want to support a company that has made there mark with the Macintosh and now is seemingly pushing it to the side?
-I can count on one hand, out of the many times I've used Norton on Macs in which it has actually repaired directories correctly and not leave the machine in an unstable state.

Your venture with NU on your X drive and it's crashing gives me feelings of deja vu. I to used NU and it trashed my X beyond repair. I would surely thoroughly check your X system before wasting the time to optimize gigs of data.

Unfortunately DiskWarrior is not freeware. It's inexpensive though at about $70. It's a good investment.
thanks for the tip! norton does seem rather useless on x ... i stupidly let it 'repair' files on my x disk when i first installed and had to reinstall because stupid norton got rid of everything that started with a dot, which is quite a lot in x ... :( silly app.