disk mode installation


Hi everyone. I have an xserve g4 w/ cdrom. I have a dvd version of os x tiger server. I used my powerbook to install the server OS in disk mode via firewire. I can boot the OS in disk mode , but when I try to boot the xserve stand alone, it doesn't boot. If I press and hold the "Option Key" when I power on the server, I get a choice ( after a really long delay ) to boot from the local hard disk. I click on the local hard disk and click next. The boot proccess starts, the apple logo shows up, and the progress wheel spins. After couple of minutes, the boot process failes. There are no errors/warnings displayed. The apple logo during start up turns into a "do not enter sign" and the progress wheel stops spinning. The hard drive activitity LED stays solid blue. Even after 5 minutes, the OS does not boot. Any ideas?