disk repair


Mac fan
I have a problem with my disk repair i cannot use the repair button.
the disk repair doesnt let me push the repair button
Sounds like you're trying to repair the startup disk, which it won't let you do.

If you have a single partition computer and have no other options, reboot the computer and hold down Command-S. That will boot in single-user mode with some pretty weird looking text messages.

Eventually you'll be left at a command prompt where you'll type <b>fsck</b> which will run a disk repair tool. You may need to run it more than once until it reports that it found no errors.

Another nice thing to know (or suspect--it's just a rumor so far as I know) is that OS X does some self-repair on startup anyway.

Hi, what is the problem you are trying to repair? Although a Norton 6 bootable CD (from OS 9m though) will repair any HDD problems you have, it is hard to tell what you need. If rharder's fix didn't help, could your problem need a different fix?:confused:
Hi thanx.
the problem is that in system preferences i cant choose any of the two Mac OS.
the lock button to enter my password its in grey and dont let me use it.
so what i have to do to repair this problem , because this problem happens in other items at the system preferences.
thank you