Disk Startup and PowerBook G4 - OS X Blues

DC Sutliffe

My current version of the OS X is 10.0. I purchased two PowerBook G4s with the factory delivered OS software earlier this spring. Unfortunately, it is a continues struggle to keep them up and running.

Possible Cause:
At this point, I believe there are two possible problems:
1. The OS X does not run on the hardware in the Titanium PowerBook G4.
2. I have two Titanium PowerBook G4s with failing hardware.
3. I am just incredible unlucky.

When the startup disk is not found the user is forced to reinstall OS X. I understand there are new versions out there to download and I will try them out in an attempt to solve this problem, though in reading other users similar issues with OS X, I fear this may not solve the errors.

Any ideas…?
Try initializing the disk first [Zero all data when formatting]. Then install OS 9.1. Get the updates for OS 9.1 (using software update). Then install OS X and immediately get the updates for OS X (also using software update).

If the problems still persist I would be more than happy to adopt one of your powerbooks :). [I would actually call apple and inform them of the problems you are having.]

Good luck.