Disk Utility Crash Under 10.4.1


I'm having an ongoing problem with Disk Utility crashing under 10.4.1.

After an initial restart, Disk Utility functions correctly. When, after some hours, I attempt to access Disk Utility, I get the splash screen and then the spinning beachball. Force quit does not work (DU disappears from the Force Quit list and the window usually disappears, but the icon stays in the dock and reports (Application not responding). A restart fixes things (a log out is not sufficient...disk utility will not function after a log out--even if I log in under a fresh user).

Any help would be appreciated.
I have a problem with disk utility. I try to mount my ext. f/wire hdd using disk utility and on the rare occassions it sees the device, spinning ball forever when I try to mount, erase etc.

The mac won't mount the device (mac os extended format) although my x.4.1 powerbook mounts it instantly.

I'm thinking disk utility is faulty, do you think I need to reformat (nightmare). Also have problems recognising my pod when docked, I have to restart in order for it to show on the desktop.

Any help appreciated, I'm tearing what little hair I have left out.
Try trashing the preference file - com.apple.DiskUtility.plist

Then restart.