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i'm experiencing a strange thing with disk utility: i get totally different results each time i run it, even within a couple of minutes ...
does anyone know what this means? i've repaired my disks with norton utilitys several times under 9.1, but i just get the same strange results when i'm back in x and run disk utility...

here's a screenshot of what's happening: first the volume bit map needs repair, then it doesn't...
and what are orphaned inodes?:confused:
sorry bout the double post ...


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In the meantime you can always try rebooting in single user mode and running <em>fsck</em>.

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In the meantime you can always try rebooting in single user mode and running <em>fsck</em>.


how do i do that? what is fsck?
thanks for helping...

I've got the same problem like you but even try to boot in single usermode and running fsck didn't work, maybe it might for you;

You restart your computer during startup press apple+s , wait and type in fsck -y that should fix "normally" all the problems.

It didn't for me but , if you got it going tell me.

good luck
no... same as it ever was ... but thanks for the suggestion anyway.
i find it a bit of a relief that i'm not the only one with this problem. maybe it'll go away if we just ignore it? :)
I have the same problem and i cant repair the disk because the option REPAIR doesnt works.
Do you have this problem?
yes, repair won't work when the disk you're testing is the startup disk ... i've got two partitions, so i just boot into 9.1 on the other partition to repair... but it doesn't seem to help much, i always get the same weird results right afterwards...
very strange... ought to write to apple maybe...