Disk verification


Can anyone point me to a utilty (hopefullly built in) to do a thorough check of the hard drive on Tiger? As I understand the Disk Utility doesn't actually do a thorough scan of the disk's surface. It just verifies the actual file structure, and maybe some other factors.

Here's the deal. For the 2nd time this year my HD has gone under. The error relates to a b-tree issue. So, my computer becomes unbootable. I don't have Disk Warrior or anything like that, btw, and I don't see why I should have to buy some $90 program just to keep my computer operating. After the last failure I used Disk Utility on every now and again. And about 40-50 days prior to the failure, everything was OK. Do I need to do a Disk Utility check on a daily basis? Adsurd. Fortunately, my eMac has never had any problems, but my iBook (in this case) has been a pain in the........

Anyhow, I am worried that the real problem is a faulty HD. So, how can I verify it's validity?


A corrupted b-tree leaf could be the result of a failing sector block of the hard disk drive; however, it is most likely the result of MacOS X itself.

You will most likely have to backup your data, do a complete erase (via the Installer's 'Option' button), and reinstall MacOS X - along with all the required updates.

You only have the UNIX command 'fsck -fy' - via a single user ('Command S') boot; otherwise, a third party disk utility may be an alternative.
Hi, make sure you specify the type of the HD and the OS whenever you are facing issues with these.

yes its true that the disk utility would do a thorough scan. also the b-tree functions as an index or a table of contents for the disk. the extents B-tree contains information about file fragments. the catalog B-tree contains a unique entry for every file, specifying its name, attributes, location, and other information.

i would suggest doing a erase and install of OS or u might have to back up data using softwares like disk warrior.
hey i did not see that coming from ' barhar ' . sorry. what he recommends is right. erase and install. the fsck -fy would just arrange the fragmented files on the hd in a proper manner. give a try and if that doesnt work E&I