diskcopy - mounting disk images


Perhaps I am being silly, and it is possible.. but when I download an application, like Port Redirector and mount the disk image it with diskcopy I can only then execute the application. I can't move it to my applications folder. Also I have to mount the disk everytime I want to use the application. Is this right or am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
IIRC, the permissions for the applications folder are such that only root can modify it. (There needs to bea little "unlock" button on it or something in final.)

Anyhow, my details might not be exactly right, but that's close. You need to change the folder permissions to allow your user to modify it. (Or open a copy of desktop.app as root with Pseudo...)

Search the fora to find out how to do these things.

When you mount it.. you can't move the folder itself to application folder or anywhere.. open the folder and copy the content to a newly created folder for it to reside.