Diskdrives working with Mac OS X


Do you also have the problem that you're running Mac OS X PB and it doesn't recognize your beautiful diskdrive?

--> I was thinking it must be possible that Mac OS X recog-
nizes the diskdrive, 'cause it's also possible to
let your (HP) printer be recognized...

I have an Imation USB SuperDisk Drive, perfectly working with Mac OS 9.
Now I want it working with Mac OS X...

--> I was thinking it must be possible with Darwin!



I have found that disks formatted for MacOS work, but disks formatted for PC don't show up at all. If you're using the disk to talk to other macs then format it using MacOS 9, then you should be able to see it. If you want to talk to PC's then bad luck!

Hopefully this will be fixed in the final release.

I'm using a Rev. A iMac with 96 MB RAM, and a USB iMation Superdisk drive.


If I remember correctly, OS X PB doesn't have support for FAT32 (the Windows drive format) yet. It only supports HFS+ and UFS, but they should put PC disk support back in. If they don't, then OS X is just drifting further and further from Mac OS…