DiskImageMounter.... please help!


Im running version 10.2.8 on a PowerBook G4


It appears my DiskImageMounter.app has gone missing, i have been informed that this is near impossible to delete.

Without this it will not let me download any .dmg files, i.e. web browsers, messengers and so on. it will download them as such but only into a excel document.

I know the ImageMounter should be located in the core services file but it doesn't and have used finder to try and locate it. It however, used to let me download fine then randomly stopped.

I do not have the install disc so re-install is not an option here. is there anything i can do? would someone copying DiskImageMounter.app on version 10.2.8 and emailing it to me do anything???

hope you can help!


'DiskImageMounter' is not missing, since it is not installed as part of 'Jaguar' (10.2.0 - 10.2.8). 'DiskImageMounter' is only available with 'Panther' (10.3.0 - 10.3.9) and 'Tiger' (10.4.0 - 10.4.?).

'Jaguar' uses 'Disk Copy' (in the '/Applications/Utilities/' folder) to process '.dmg' files.

Now, with respect to the downloaded '.dmg' files that appear as 'excel document's to you ...

... did you click once on any of these files, do a 'Get Info' ('Finder's 'File, Get Info...' or 'Command I'), click on the disclosure triangle to the left of 'Open with:' (to make it point down, and display the popup menu and button), select 'Disk Copy' from the popup menu (or 'Other...' and navigate to and select 'Disk Copy'), click the 'Change All...' button, and then click on the respective 'Continue' button of the resultant window?
If not, try it.

Naturally, I am assuming you have 'Disk Copy' in the '/Applications/Utilities/' folder.


Thank you for such a quick response....

it appears that the utilites folder is no longer on my machine, is it possible to deleted it? As i was able to download without any problems previously!

I do have a version of 'disk copy' accessible via OS 9 classic but it doesn't seem to want to mount anything, stating that it is an unknown format! is there a way of downloading the 'disk copy' relevant with version 10.2 or will i encounter problems mouting that also???


The MacOS 9 version of Disk Copy can handle .img files, but not .dmg files. The .dmg disk image format was developed by Apple after the final version of the MacOS 9 version of Disk Copy and is exclusive to MacOS X.


'is it possible to deleted it?', yes; both the 'Applications' and 'Utilites' folders can have items added to and / or removed from them, and they themselves can be deleted.

'As i was able to download without any problems previously!', - you remove your automobile's engine; and yet, the vehicle's radio still operates. 'Internet Explorer', IE, is a web browser application in the '/Applications/' folder; whether the 'Utilities' folder exists or not, does not affect the operation of IE.


problem solved!

copied utilites from my mac at work also running 10.2.8

everything is downloading fine now!

thanks for all your help!


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I remember when I had "/Applications" selected in Rhapsody DR2 and wanted to see what the "stop" icon in the Workspace Manager (Finder) would do. Sure enough it deleted - without asking back - my Applications. While some were running. Creepy stuff. I'm exaggerating a bit. ;)