DiskWarrior 3.0.3 on 10.4.2


Has anyone experienced the same problem as me?! If I boot up from DiskWarrior 3.0.3 (I have recently upgraded from 3.0) I get this small grey window, telling in EN, GER and FR to shut down and restart. If I run the DiskWarrior and graph the dics, it shows over 30% disk space out of order.

thanks, Rador
12 inch PowerBook, 1.5 GB G4, 768MB RAM, 74.41 GB disk space, 10.4.2 system (after one Archive & Install)


Don't get that problem, but DW won't start up on my PB 17. It starts to boot up and then ( and this sounds weird ) when the Apple logo appears on screen, it displays it improperly so that a small part of it is separated off. Then it does nothing.

I have to run DW via firewire off of my G5.

PB 17. 1.5GB Ram. 80 Gig HD. OSX.4.2